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The benefits of a rocking chair are also evident with our rocker. Studies have shown that a rocking motion can help recovery faster from injury, assist pregnant mothers in better baby development and healing with C-section deliveries as well as induce calm and confidence for children with ADD and ADHD.

Made with an eye-pleasing and durable Birch plywood, the Bentwood Armchair features pure 100% cotton fabric and soft thick cushioning for optimum comfort. The sturdy design also ensures that the armchair remains your favourite seat for many years to come.

Sit and relax. Or rock and relax. Our Bentwood armchairs are designed to indulge you in the most comfortable manner.

With so much going for our Bentwood Armchairs, isn’t it time you seat or rock yourself in one?


Dimensions: 100 x 67 x 90cm

Weight capacity: 150kg

Fabric finish: Environment-friendly NC lacquer

Sponge density: 4cm/20D

Steel pipe diameter: 19mm

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Chair frame: Birch plywood

Cushion headrest: Sponge filling

Removable & washable zipper cover

Steel & heavy-duty PP interior structure

4cm thick, 20D high density foam

5-range adjustable footrest (0 - 90 degrees)

Made of durable birch plywood

100% soft cotton fabric

Simple & ergonomic design